23 Jan 2014

A new Tast stitch

If you are interested in stitching - learning new embroidery stitches then open the link

Sharon is showing the how-to-s of wonderful stitches here

Take a Stitch Tuesday 95 and 96 Linked chain and Beaded Link Chain Stitch

And this is what I did on my band

There is not a good start of the blue row - never mind - it is practising.



  1. I like your new look of your blog. However the photos are not showing up here with me. Is anyone else having this problem.

  2. wow Anneliese you are using beads too here, very nice, afraid I have not been keeping up with the tast

  3. beautiful. love your use of the beads.

  4. This is a great looking stitch! Isn't it nice TAST has started up again!?

  5. The beaded one is lovely - it looks like an interesting stitch. I must check out the TAST again and see where I am up to. Very behind with it all! Your colours are always lively, Anneliese :-)


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