24 Jan 2014

Grow your blog

Hello, hello - welcome on my blog
I am taking part in the blog-growing party

I am doing all kinds of crafts - but mostly fabric is involved -
but knitting and stitching are very important as well.
So I am showing my "TV - travel - doctor's waitingroom"-knitting at first


Squares of 28 cm and four different colours - every colour is apearing in each square.
This is the ninth piece - I layed out the "nine" with thread

When I will have enough squares it will end up in a blanket or shawl or something else ....
are there any proposals in the air?


I made a new one - It is made of fabric strips and cloths-line and on the sewing machine
It is African fabric - from Ghana - I have a niece there. We are indeed a widely spread family.

The strips are 3,5 cm - I sewed them all together and made a bundle

When I stop I have to support the growing basket with an old cigar box - this one is full with sewing threads, 50 years old.

And another one......

A small red-white baske

To keep in practise I used up a red-white checkered fabric and I like the outcome
This is the backside


The bottom border of the cardigan
And hello people, who know my work already here is the beginning of
one front side of my blue-green cardigan.
I want to knit both front sides simultaneously - I wonder how this will work.
I suppose it will be easier because of the pattern.

Machine embroidery

I started this embroidery by hand only to see that I could not stitch through the two fabrics because I fastened the little patches with Wonder-Under. The needle can't come through very easily.

My rescue: I sewed them down by machine and will now embroider by hand just the places with only one layer and the borders which are not glued down

I outlined mostly the original design - old Indonesian prints -
which where once a warm jacket and found on a Tunesian flea market.
I can imagine that it travelled from Java to Europe - here it was thrown out and recycling was next. It came to Tunesia by a clothes collection enterprise to be sold a second time - and I was the buyer - had it chemically cleaned - but never worn -

It could have happened like that but not necessarily so.......
I saw it hanging at least 15 years
Then came my scisssors into action.....

Bye, bye for today.


  1. nice variety of all your beautiful work.

  2. Isn't is wonderful to be able to do more than one form of needlework? Life is much more interesting.

  3. good to see you growing your blog Annelise, I am amazed that so many blogs I follow have signed up, maybe next year I will have a go

  4. Multi talented Anneliese, you are an inspiration!

  5. A very beautiful blog - you have such a wonderful talent with fabrics and threads. I will enjoy exploring your posts - very happy to have found you via 'Grow Your Blog'. Best wishes from Shroo:)x

  6. You do such lovely work. So glad I found you through the GYB party.

  7. This is a wonderful example of how versatile you are Anneliese.

  8. Hello Anneliese, Just thought I would drop in and say hello! I hope you're enjoying the party. Love the baskets!x

  9. Hi Anneliese, arrived here via GYB. Very interesting work. Will be back to read more.Come and see me too !

  10. hi hi,
    I cam via the blog hop and found your creative space.. I've followed you on GFC.. love your work and hope to read more of your posts in future.. many greetings from Singapore.. :D

  11. Beautiful baskets and embroidery! I'm having a lot of fun visiting new blogs and seeing so much creativity! :O)

  12. Hi Anneliese...you have a nice blog and your work is quite beautiful. You do a really nice variety of handwork. I enjoyed my visit with you!

  13. Hi Anneliese. Just found your blog through the GYB party. Nice to meet you! Love all of the variety of crafts that you do. I've done a couple of the clothesline bowls myself. They are very cool.

  14. I love that purple knitting in the post dated 20.01.2014. You are very talented.

  15. Good Morning! I am a happy new follower. Looking forward to reading more of your creative adventures!!!

  16. Hi there,
    Im following along too : )
    Really like your fabric basket and its interesting to see that you've supported the bowl whilst stitching it.......what a great idea!

  17. Oh wow you are a woman of many talents! I've seen baskets like that but never thought about how they are made, I love that you shared some in progress images. Your stitch work is lovely. It has been nice getting to know you.


  18. Greetings from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Lovely projects. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Pleased to meet you on the GYB circuit, Anneliese! I really enjoy your blog: free patchwork, knitting, baskets with fabric - Wonderful. I am a new follower of your blog and I look forward to your posts. Please visit my blog and I hope you will enjoy it and be my follower as well. I am at: http://deborahstanleyinspirations.blogspot.com/ best to you, deborah

  20. you do a nice variety of crafts and have made some lovely things. I like the coiled rope bowls. I found that some brands of fusible webbing can't be sewn through, but others can.


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