29 Jan 2014


Just one
How i started the heart
First of all I sew the heart and stuff it
- then went over the seam with chain stitches
and on the backside I am wrapping the backside chain stitches
with simple whipping stitches
The back side
When this is done I do my clean-cutting around

The back side
and I did a bit of embellishment on the back - lazy daisy stitches

The heart is not symmetrical so I had to shift the hanging thread a little

the finished give-away
I am using the print as guideline for my tiny embellishments.

Bye bye for today


  1. I like this - so simple and pretty!

  2. This is nice. The heart with the flower is pretty, love the colors. I only know a few stitches and hope to add more to my dolls clothing in the future.

  3. It is always smart to use a print to stitch on; instant pizzazz!

  4. I do like that you have embroidered the back too Anneliese, very nice

  5. Very cute - I see Christmas decorations...

  6. So cute! Little treasure..

  7. This is a far better idea than trying to turn the thing inside out. They always end up a bit deformed. Nice stitching, once again Anneliese.

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    oh my a heart the tin man said he needed a heart.


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