3 Dec 2013


I am looking at the Geneva lake - it could not be seen but the Alps behind it showed better than here on the photo.


We spent a weekend with our son and family in Geneva and were invited to visit the exquisit exhibition of Tutankhamon - about the excavation of his tomb and treasures in 1922 - in more than a thousand perfectly crafted replicas. We were told that Egyptian crafters created those artful objects as replicas

The mask of Tutankhamon

The mask was lying over the head of the Pharaon when Howard Carter discovered the tomb

in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt in 1922


A wonderful necklace
The last but one shrine


The last but one sarkophagus was made of plaster and covered with a guild layer

Tutankhamon was buried in here.

The prospectus


I opened up the brochure so on the left side you can see the last shrine from above.

In the middle of the photo can be seen many grave furnishings - as found - untouched since 3300 years.

Many of them have been savely stored in shrines

The foot part of his bed

Two lions were watching his sleep at his feet



Goddesses in front of a shrine


The throne

His throne in pure gold but here a replica


The chariots

A chariot - his way to travel - (oh, I suppose so)


More seats





I liked this statue very much - (about 8" - 9" large)

I you like to see more just copy the link. The same exhibition will take place in Nuernberg in Germany.



Take a deep breath -

This is our culture:

Cheese as much as you can think of


Many kinds of onions


And it was turkey-time also in Switzerland.

We are just starting to enjoy our meal - from top DIL - me - grandson - son


And now we are again renovating in France - "we" - I should better tell the truth "he", the one who is missing on the photo.

So much for today



  1. Wow, Anneliese! So tolle Fotos, da bekommt man ja richtig Lust auf diese großartige Ausstellung.

  2. What a wonderful post Anneliese. The display must have been amazing to see and learn about the history of the kings.
    Switzerland has very impressive scenery, but must be very cold in the deep of winter.
    So back to the renervations now after the holiday visit with family. Good luck to "he" with his work.

  3. oh wonderful to see you and your lovely family and i love seeing stores/shops/markets from other countries. i ought to do some pics like that some time. i missed seeing the Tutankhamen exhibit when it was here in Texas, many years ago, as it was several 100 miles away but i was gifted the book with the story and all the pictures. it's all so interesting. thanks for sharing.

  4. can see yu had a wonderful time in Switzerland, so good to have time with your son and his son and wife and the visit to the Tutankhamon exhibition much have been thrilling, thanks Anneliese for sharing so many photos with us.

    I expect you will be back home for Christmas and DH will have a bit of time off from renovating.

  5. Fantastic exhibition! It must have been kind of dreamy to see in real life.
    Meeting up with son and family is lovely, too. How many of the cheeses did you buy?

  6. The renovating never seems to stop. We are still going after 13 years in this house!! The food is amazing - so much choice! A friend and I saw the Tutenkhamen exhibit in Melbourne - it is so incredible - lovely pictures and glad you enjoyed it.

  7. How lovely. I saw the exhibition many years ago in London ( I was 11 and we had a school trip!) I was so excited. Nice to see you and your family having such a great time!


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