28 Nov 2013

The cowl - Oh no, it will be a scarf

I drew this sketch on my iPad
you -who all know so well to draw - will laugh about it - I do it, too.
I wanted to show how this scarf - Moebius shawl - is being knitted,

I am as far as that already - I love the sequins in this yarn. Yesterday I cast off and saw that it looks like a sausage. So I redid everything - I am so patient with myself.

And here are the beautiful "stitch counters" which Angelika - my patchworkfriend - offered to me.
They are not necessary in this project because I am only "jerseying". They are so lovely that I like to look at them while knitting.


  1. your drawing might not be up to Monet or Lowry Anneliese but it is much better than mine!!! The scarf looks lovely and cosy, will keep you lovely and warm.Very pretty stitch counters.

  2. They are so lovely they could be ear rings or Christmas tree ornaments.

  3. the mobius always fascinated me. i used to experiment with the kids when i was teaching grade school. we would all make a mobius strip from paper and then cut it down the middle and find that it was linked. i too have some pretty stitch markers that i purchased. i think they make knitting with them so enjoyable. such pretty yarn.


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