4 Dec 2013

Tast stitches

This is my version of the twisted satin stitch - executed also with beads


Crossed feather stitch (no. 92)

In the middle: straight feather stitch (no. 91) - this is actual the first stitch - the two other variation begin with this one, too.

Bottom: Plaited feather stitch (no. 93)

TAST means "Take a stitch Tuesday" and you can read all about this here:




  1. Your stitches are so beautiful. I love the strict graphic look of the Straight sided Feather stitch, and the Plaited one is excellent for a braid,

  2. I like your crossed feather stitches Anneliese, particularly the contrast of the orange and blue.

  3. great examples Anneliese, I have to own up to not having done mine yet but will get them done sometime! Especially like the feather variations, will use them on my crazy blocks

  4. I am behind again and glad that Sharon is having little breaks. Your examples are lovely and bright and of course expertly stitched :-)

  5. such pretty colours!! and I love that you have used beads too....

  6. What perseverance, Anneliese! You're still going strong at the TAST! Beautiful knitting projects--amazing what one can get done in an hour-a-day. The cowl is lovely. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    best, nadia


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