29 Dec 2013

I never thought....

.... that I would start another knitting project before the old one is finished - you remember
my blanket - in about the same colours. It is the squares of which I have made seven pieces by now.
It is TV "compatible" - just plain stitches.
The new project will be a cardigan and It will take me several months to finish.

I tried a few patterns and made mistakes.
So you experts out there don't be too rude with me.
It will not be my final pattern - just wanted to see how it looks.

I tried and rejected - again and again.
Then I decided to start the back of the cardigan with this pattern at the border. I am using the book of Jutta Bücker: Die Farben des Nordens. The work is still on a straight needle. I will have to use a circular knitting needle.

If by chance my friend Angelika visits this post: I am using the
beautiful stitch markers now. It is a delight to work with them.

The wool is variegated - and I love the shades.

The book is beautiful - but I think that the descriptions are too complicated. At least for me. The author elaborates every detail.
I love that I can use the pattern with the exact measures but following her description would be a torture -
I will keep it simple.

Beautiful pattern - mine will be without stripes. And just a few knitted stripes.

I love the border of the front part.

Have a beautiful Sunday and week into the new year.


  1. beautiful color yarn and i love the scalloped border. i know what you mean about complicated patterns. when i get to a complicated instruction, i go to google and find a video that shows me step by step how to follow the instructions. and i also make notes on the pattern so i don't lose my place. i copy the pattern from the book and by the time i'm finished, the copy is all marked up with all kinds of hints and line markers. i print it out so i don't have to mark up the book. can't wait to see your progress.

  2. This is looking good, I can see it is rather complicated but I know you will manage it Anneliese.
    have a wonderful 2014.

  3. What mistake? :-))
    Lovely wool and pattern.

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  5. hello, i wish you an happy new year.
    I like the color off the whole you are using.

  6. You are very clever to undertake such a complicated pattern. My knitting days came to an end when i moved up to the tropical north and have never taken it up again.


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