7 Jan 2014

Grow your blog..... and meet and greet

I thought to join in to grow my blog to a few more readers. I found this . It is a winter party. Last year more than 400 bloggers joined in.
Everyone who has a blog is invited --
Vicky of Vicky-2bagsful.blogspot.com click says: This is an international event. Wherever you live~you are invited to party with us."
As my header tells my blog is about sewing, stitching, knitting, everything with yarn and cloth. And a little bit of the family.

So I will wait and see and go blog-hopping on January 25, 2014 when this all starts.



  1. Oh yes! Thank you Anneliese! sounds like fun :) thank you very much for sharing!

  2. I must remember this. Using machine quilting when hand quilting doesn't work.
    Thank you for the tip!


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