23 Dec 2013

Reversed buttonhole bar - Tast stitch 94

Can you guess that our sky was blue when I took this photo - one hour ago.

Sun was showing and our temperatures rose to +10° - we made a short bike tour.


Here my Tast task no. 94 - reversed buttonhole bar.

I made three: the first is made with perle 8 green-yellow and I braided in a dark red perle 5 -

Only half a row, so I can still see in a 100 years how it was made.

2. row: A perle thread of Anne Lange - a embroiderer well-known in Germany. It is space dyed by her and it is all one thread.

3. row: Perle 5 in two colours.

This photo is taken with flashlight.

Left the green-yellow DMC perle - on the right the lovely perle of Anne Lange

That's it. And thank you, Sharon in Australia, for all those stitches.




  1. What lovely thread to use for the last TAST stitch of the year. Good idea to leave half the stitch incomplete for easy reference in 100 years' time!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Anneliese you put me to shame, must be 30 years+ since I rode a bike.
    Very nice stitch samples, love the green perle, they have been discontinued here in UK can only get 2 varigated ones now. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. such beautiful stitches and lovely threads. i was following Sharon's stitches for awhile but other things got in the way. i've been practicing the cast on stitch. have you tried that one?

  4. Anneliese I am so happy to have found your lovely blogs!

  5. Anneliese I am so happy to have found your sweet blogs!


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