28 Apr 2019

Easter eggs on the blooming tree

Easter eggs look wonderful on the blooming apple tree

I will leave them on the tree till autumn or longer
I love those colours

please have a look at the austere fir trees on the other side of the 
narrow valley, I think it is called Köllbachtal. Köllbach is the creek
where trouts are raised.

For the fun workshops Sketchbook Revival I am gathering pics
of cracks in the asphalt - it is the theme of Carla Sonheim.
We have to invent an animal or something else using the lines of the 
cracks - 
At the moment no printer is available - so I can‘t continue

Our daily walk to the castle of Berneck

Well, not the best photo - but isn‘t this beautiful behind the tree!

The workshop: Mixing two water colours
a very shy experiment - but anyway - I can see a running figure

copying an object from different positions, left hand, blind,
with an upright pencil, continuous line - different ways to draw

We get two videos each day for about 10 days - 
The teachers are drawing and talking for about half an hour
We can watch, work at the same time, we need not publish it
There is a facebook group „Sketchbook Revival“ - the administrator
is Karen Abend at sketchbookrevival.com

I am no sketcher at all and I know now that I won’t ever draw any birds
naturalistic drawing is not my choice.

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  1. Ohhhh Anneliese, I LOVE your Easter tree : that's a really BIG one hahaha !
    I think I see the face of a goat in your cracks ....
    And a very sweet blue tit !