2 Feb 2019

January over -

It was the month of concerts in this wonderful reconstructed castle
in Karlsruhe - Gottesauer Schloss  (it was completely destroyed in WWII)
We attended piano and song performances by master class students
of the Karlsruhe Academy of Music

Initiated by Sharon Boggon of Pintangle I am following her suggestions
of embroidery stitches - I did already the 2010 and 2012 TAST one - 
TAST = Take a stitch tuesday - I know that she has more than 5000 followers.

Reversed buttonhole stitch

Also the above sample is the reversed buttonhole - I lost it in my stashes
and made the blue one to be able to post it in the facebook group of stitches

The above sample is combined feather and chain stitch

And here we have the Portuguese stem stitch - 

Walking in the Karlsruhe Schlosspark - a straight line is leading to the
famous Majolika manufactury

Walking near our village can also be nice

Sewing means a lot of trash and broken needles
I made this bag - the bionic gear bag - by RipStitcher www.bionicgearbag.com

This was January 2019 

Today February 2 - arriving in Blackforest - Schwarzwald

Steps down to the house - full of snow
A little bit of gymnastics and they were clean

From the road we have this fantastic look onto the castle of Berneck


  1. Nice to see you are taking part in TAST again.

  2. Always interesting to see your stitching creations :-)
    Nice to see your new house, and what a wonderful view of the castle!