2 Nov 2018

Tales from October

Yes, we met again. I mean my patchwork friends meet very often but I am frequently
in our vacation house - in France - so it is a special event when I can
be with them chatting, sewing, showing and telling, getting inspiration - 
and last but not least eating and laughing

I like to bake with yeast - I love to eat it - it can be dry like wood I still like it
here it didn’t get dry because I gave half of it to grandson L who is studying in 
our town Karlsruhe

Some time to stitch - and if just for half an hour - 

And now this is the end of our French farmhouse in Haute-Saône we are going
to sell it - very soon - next week the final signature will be rendered. We called
it Schato with a broad smile in the face - derived from the French word château - 
because of its long rusty iron fence alongside the street.
The far away house is not ours but it can be seen now


the future owners were allowed to  make order in our rather wild garden
I mean they cut every bush around on three sides of the garden
The neighbor lady will be happy - she was not very amused by our gardening.
We however loved the green surrounding

Selling the house means also moving things 
How often we made the travel of three and a half hours from France to Germany
I didn‘t count  - I estimate some 6 times - we didn‘t move the furniture
just the household equipment and the atelier of DH, the atelier and again the atelier

The trailor crammed full and the car, too

I have more time now and started to knit for Christmas
Rather big slippers but after felting in the washing machine they will have the
right size.
But then....

I remembered that in autumn I usually embroider dry leaves
These are old leaves and...

...waiting till the new autumn leaves will be dry between newspaper pages and 
under a heavy book - again stitching on this piece - no concept just going on -
patch on patch and stitches.

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  1. Just lost my comment!!! BOO!! anyway, I was giggling about the giant knitted slippers! My feet are BIG for a little woman so maybe they'd fit ME, as is.. ���� looks like you have been enjoying the autumn weather. Very nice. It has been horrid here and we have been pretty much housebound.. me just recovering from surgery and DH having had a very bad fall . We are both doing pretty well now. I am working away on my hellebore painting. Almost done now! It is on Flickr and Facebook in its current state today, just waiting for me to paint the spots and speckles! I hope you and yours are well? Take care , My Friend. ��