13 Oct 2018

Books for free

In some communities we can find bookcases containing books
secondhand books, books which people had read and donated
you can open the window pane on two sides and take what you want
And this one is in our vicinity - 3 km by bike.

What an excellent idea

All kinds of literatur - 

and I met a friend who was on duty - of course voluntarily
 - she keeps the books well sorted - no bad literature - 
I am shooting the photo - you see my shade

I donated two books and took two of which I know the authors
No need to put in books - but what a satisfying thing to 
give books away for some literature lover


  1. I have seen the same idea over here, in old red telephone boxes, there is also similar scheme in local Tesco.x

  2. It IS a great idea! We have Itty Bitty Libraries all ove the place. Same thing, take a book, leave a book!