10 Nov 2018

T‘was August

Never saw and experienced such a rain - we sat at our meal the complete family 
 - DH went out to check the situation and shut himself out because water
flooded into the house - we couldn‘t hear him shouting because
the rain was pouring so noisily

and down in the basement water stood already 5 cm high - 
everybody helped scooping as much water as possible

the room with the tanks - everything floating about

Good boys

carrying out

pouring into the discharge 

and when everything was finished, the water out of the basement
I had a terrible fall and could only walk with crutches about 2 weeks
then slowly I could walk with just one crutch and after some time very
carefully without any help. 
Today I take part again in gymnastics in our club - with a slight restraint
when it is about kneeling and squats.


  1. !!!!?!!!! You were lucky, could had been worse!

    1. Thank you Radka, pretty bad event during our meal. When the work with the water was finished, the family went back to the dining table to eat the dessert -