13 Oct 2018

Autumn fruit, biking and scrap destashing

Neighbor‘s exchange of garden harvest

Some of our thousand apples - they are not big - but taste so good
and are totally biological
From  Frau K. we got those wonderful and lovely tasting tomatoes and
two yellow zucchinis - all eaten or transformed and in jars 

Eating out on Sunday
Not for vegetarians! We love meat but what is too much is too much.
This is one serving - made of two large escalopes (Schnitzel) - 
we took most of it home in a „doggy bag“ and had
enough for three more days.

Again able to bike - after the accident in the flooded basement
and weather is more than lovely - it is warm - it is October 

Combining a few scraps 
- will this be something or not?
I am starting euphorically something  - after two days I come down
to normal and usually don‘t like anymore what I made the night before.

We will see - or maybe not......

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