1 Oct 2018


My diary is used very much, everywhere, so I prefer to have this
envelope around it to keep the book from looking hackneyed
I started this one two years ago and it will still last for one year, 

I left a diagonal opening to keep a pen ready for writing

It is the backside, a scrap cut from a waistcoat
which I made several years ago. I didn‘t like to wear it 
and made a Japanese knotted bag of it.  

here fixing the bottom

I loved the technique how the fabric is constructed:
Cut-outs from different fabrics and raw-edge appliqued on to a 
background fabric 

A cut-out flower for the backside of the diary

Front inside - a place to keep treasured things - here a smiling granddaughter
(old photo )

Many empty pages left for future happenings.

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  1. You are good at keeping a diary, I am no good at things like that, my blog is my diary, I think :-) You made a lovely job of the cover, it would be nice for any book.