14 Aug 2018

Family on stairs

Starting an outing -

The upper and lower Nagold reservoir in Blackforest

Children and grandchildren wanted cooling during the summer heat -
33° and more

and they liked it ...
After the heat the big rain came and with it the flooding in our
basement - no damage - much work - and in the end my bruised knee
after a serious slip on wet tiles - of course it was wet everywhere. 
It is a week by now and I am still limping - I need patience -
I like to run about the house and do everything very fast - 


  1. The weather has changed dramatically from hot to wet to windy to dry to hot to thundery to humid....
    Look after your knee, please.

    1. Outing minus three - you see DD smiling at me -

  2. Oh, Anneliese!!! I am so VERY sorry to hear this. PLEASE rest and be VERY good to yourself. Feel better very soon. That looks like a beautiful outing. Take care !!💕

    1. Yes, I know it was! Grandpa and ma staying at home - to get the necessary naps, ha!

  3. Lovely photos. So sorry to hear of your mishap. Sending a hug of healing your way! Blessings.