25 Aug 2018

Dormouse in the house

Not easy to catch the dormouse - 
at least on the photo daughter D was lucky
She tried to get him by hand  - but was afraid to be bitten
—— a  moment later and he was gone

The dormouse is still in the house but doesn‘t show up - nor do
we hear him. Would we catch him in the live trap 
we would make a 30 km tour with him.
People told us to catch him with chocolate in the trap - he is not 
interested. He is eating wood from a door...
We will offer him some fruit now.

And here is what suddenly came out of one of those blocks

Could be a dormouse, or?


  1. Not all animals make nice pets!

  2. Oh, dear!! We don't really have the Dormouse here but we DO have MICE , especially in winter. We are not so kind as you. We use a mousetrap, the SNAP!!! kind and bait it with peanut butter! They seem unable to resist it! Perhaps your little visitor would like peanut butter?? Try and see. I am SURE he/she will enjoy the 30 km tour😉

    1. Oh, the mousetrap - it is much too small for this enormous critters. Next thing I will do is to buy peanut butter - I love it too, but am the only one in this household - finally there is a reason to buy it!

  3. Ps, hope your knee is feeling better??

    1. I am my best way - walking slowly but steadily about 200 meters, ha!