16 Jun 2018


If you come too late to your garden - because of other duties

then the crop can look like this

The cherries ripened very early this year - it was so warm in May

and last year there was not a single one on the tree because of frost ——

But then in the other town a surprise - shop-owners and the community
offered a market breakfast - which means you could get the breakfast for free
coffee, juice, bread, buns, sausage, cheese and little things from star cooks.

We were surprised and couldn‘t eat anything
 (we had ours at home a few minutes ago)  —-
so just had coffee from the sponsors -
so nice of our new community in Black Forest

We love to walk uphill in evenings and enjoy the running water from the 


  1. The cherry crop may be different each year, but if the breakfast market is an annual event, you now know that you should not eat at home that day!
    Enjoy life in your new location.

  2. Oh, YUMMY!! Those cherries look wonderful. And I love the idea of a community breakfast. Next time, be sure you are still a bit hungry!