31 Dec 2017

A little bit of everything

Every year something new on the tree - a perfectly
sewn fabric star of dear friend Angelika

The 4th tree of Mary Corbet‘s 12 Christmas trees
Goodness, how tiny, I should have made spiderweb
flowers, but it was too small for me. So I left it like
this. Find it at NeedlnThread Christmas trees

Making pages for a book - as I am interested in 
bookbinding - but I need something to fill the covers.
I am using stitcheries and things of the past years.

Daugter D. gave me this writing paper with envelopes
many years ago. She printed the leaves and I kept
it and loved it and looked at it many times.
Finally I found that I should bind it into a may-be
book  - here with a machine stitched lace from the 
class of Karen Ruane - with a little crossstitch rose
A link to Karen‘s Blog 
Karen Ruane

The back still needs some handling - this future book
can be altered whenever inspiration strikes

What about quilting lines depicting a house - 
in the Black Forest in Germany.

Or sewn with thread -
I didn‘t make it - it is the result of my endeavors and
the help of the Superphoto App.

A lovely Christmas gift landed under the real tree

....and I will get seven more of this most wonderful
magazine full of inspiration - a gift that will last two years
and still afterwards - if you want to know more about it. 

Now about those scribbles (sorry I am not a talented
Another dear friend D. mentioned a few days ago
-  not quite in serious -
what it could probably look like if one quilted the never-
ending talk of some people, the flood of words and I
thought speech bubbles connected to one another could 
show best the clouds of words, the gush of words - 
I made a big bubble.....
My advice:
practice it on your machine while keeping your cell phone
jammed between shoulder and ear - the practicing piece
may not be too large because you have to turn it round and round.

If you are in want of some very interesting quilting
ideas you could have a look at 
Gefilte Quilt
you will laugh and love it

Without many more words:
A happy healthy creative new year to you my dear readers.