10 Sep 2017

Future fabric book

A class with Karen Ruane - Embroidery School - which started in January 2017
I am preparing to bind the six pages together. with the cover

Above the front cover
and below the backside - all sewn by hand -
embroidered and beaded - lace made by machine
painted paper fixed with French knots

A collage with paper and fabric strips, lace, hand and machine embroidery 
embellished with my favorite stitches, French knots

Machine-sewn grid over a strip of fabric,
buttonhole stitches around cut-out lace flowers

Various embellishments with silk fabric, edge of a hanky, cutwork and
lace flower (clockwise)

Bumpy bits, gimp cord, scattered octagons, buttonholed machine sewn lace,
bullion knots, embellished grid of octagons

Cross stitched letter from an earlier project, padded scrim embellishment, gimp cords
cutwork, toggles - and all this on a piece of the baptism dress of DD (50 years ago)

Top right: little pocket, hexagon cutworks, beading
Now I will invent some binding of all this.


  1. one page more beautiful than the next.

  2. what a wonderful book you are going to have, good to see you blogging though can`t say much as I have not done mine for ages. getting lazy with both my blog and instagram

  3. A true Anneliese work of art. You are so good at fabric and thread manipulation.