20 Apr 2017

Old blooming apple tree against the cloud-loaden sky

Imagine the blossoms slightly pink and you can understand my delight.

In another garden - in Switzerland - a greenhouse is being constructed
Bravo son!

Embroidery school is over but I am still "sitting in the class room"
making borders - I used a stitch from queeniepatch - the Q-stitch
the one in blue. - here is the link: http://queeniepatch.blogspot.fr/search/label/Q%20Stitch
And below in white with red beads - a stitch from Paperjennifer - she has an Instagram tutorial
It is a buttonhole and at the same time scallopping stitch.

I dyed with dandelions. I followed Jude Hill from her blog spiritcloth.
If you want to know more about it here is the link:

A very nice soft yellow

I went into the frontgarden and picked a potful of dandelion flowers.

And then I did what I read on spiritcloth - I cooked the flowers with water  
and put my fabric scrap and a little white thread into it. Jude put some allum
too. I have no experience with this and might try it some day - to see
if there is a difference.

Two days in a jar and out came this little yellow delight -


  1. You have so much to show. The apple tree must be a delight at this time of the year, it is impressively huge.
    Nice Qstitches and the beaded scalloped edge looks very pretty.
    I have hard of dandelion tea but that is made from the leaves I think. The flowers made a nice dye for your fabric.
    What will your son grow in his greenhouse? Apples? Dandelions?

  2. there are gong to be masses of apples later in the year, here as soon as the blossom appears the wind gets stronger and blows it all off. Good to see you are using Queenie`s Q stitch and interesting reading about the dandelions, personally as soon as a flower head appears in the garden I pull it off as trying to rid the garden of dandelions. Maybe I will let a few live and have a go at the dyeing sometime

  3. Your blossom photos and those lovely embroidered borders are full of spring! Enjoy your beautiful countryside!