3 Mar 2017

Update of everything

Spring flowers from a friend - we had an eight-friends afternoon party
with coffee, tea, cake, sparkling wine and baked toasts 

Sample of the Embroidery School - with buttonholed loops and wrapped
threads, bullion knots and the never missing French knots

and this - embellished lace, gimp with bulllion knots, a square of 16 small
octagons, bumpy things and Suffolk puffs. Moreover a gimp snake.
The cross stich letters are from a previous project. 

And then in Frande ....
Much rain in two days and the meadows became lakes

A visitor in the "garden" - I want to be friends with her
but she is shy

and a pouch for battery chargers for our travels
from house to house.

No more uglgy plastic bags 

A wonder how I could find fabrics being far from my stashes - 
and not bad ones at all. I like it and DH will be happy using it.


  1. maybe your little visitor will warm up to you in time. nice idea for carrying your battery chargers. we are having a rainy weekend here as well. it is much needed.

  2. your little embroidery pieces are a delight Anneliese can see you are really enjoying the project.
    I am sure your visitor will come round and be friendly if you encourage him/her.
    Good way to use up fabric making a battery charger bag as you say beats plastic bags and will last for ever

  3. You have made two very creative pieces of embroidery eye candy, as well as a useful pouch. Fabric wins over plastic!

  4. You are so busy Anneliese. Love especially what you make in Karens class. Send you best wishes from the sea.

  5. both the samples are beautiful! Love that little semi circle blanket stitches over the eyelet.