21 Feb 2017

Working small

Paperball wraped with gimp -
In fact like a five legged embroidered three-dimensional spider 
I ordered gimp here: http://www.stef-francis.co.uk/ - 
it is a viscose wrapped thick cotton cord

The first one was not a great success - I did it twice
The second has a nice knot in the middle and is bedded in a silk cup 

calls it a little cabbage 

We learned how to stitch on silkpaper -
I embellished with French knots and added a piece of vintage lace

What I will do with those creations? I don't know - they willl probably be
in a kind of stitch diary - a book for reference - to look at and to enjoy.


  1. Love these! I am waiting on paper balls to arrive so I can make these as well. I have paper ready to stitch on as well. Your paper sample is so very pretty.

  2. loving your stitch with paper.

  3. such a pretty ball, you are certainly learning lots on this class