12 Feb 2017

When I am not in our basis camp....

....then I am working such things in the evening
English paper piecing method, the slow way -
some people would glue it but I am sewing the fabric bits
onto thin cardboard with a few stitches.
The fabrics I chose are all about red.

----And what it means not to be in the basis camp...
my working place with internet is here.......
you are right: At MacDo's - where the coffee is not bad at all
and internet super fast.

I liked this tulip - a very close shot - though not
sharp at all - the iPhone can't do it better.  I wanted only
the tulip and nothing around it so I had to come very near it.
But it is the colour which delights me.
It is from DDL.


  1. I don't do it very often, but I do find English paper piecing very relaxing (done the "proper" way, with stitches).

  2. Wifi cafés and other places can become second homes! Nice to have some hexagon stitching to do as well as blogging!
    The close up of the tulip looks like a gas flame!

  3. like you I enjoy sewing the faric to the card not a lover of glue worry about long term effects it might have on the fabric though they do make glue suitable for fabrics these days.Good to see you are enjoying your visit to MacDonalds, take it you are in France once again. Wondering where you found the tulip mina are just about coming up out of the sil at the moment, have one snowdrop and 3 crocus out oh yes and a rose tree that has tiny roses on it so have not pruned that hoping they will open up

  4. I love epp as well and am working on several on going projects...hopefully one will be finished this year. Love your reds!