5 Feb 2017

After a long time ....

... posting again. 

I am taking a class with Karen Ruane "Embroidery School". Here is the link to her

We are stitching by hand but also by machine - FME - free machine embroidery.
I always liked to make holes and then surround them by buttonhole stitches.

French knots never fail to be applied - they are so decorative.

We can also play with paper strips - also fixed by FME
and overlayed with homemade lace

Fabric is a great theme, too. Hand sewn seams.
Embellishment with bullion knots and beads. 
Appliqued octagons - the English paper piecing comes in handy.

I surrounded them with rope stitch. If you would like to know how to
make rope stitch - here is the link to SharonB's stitch dictionary:

It is 1" in diameter

More embellishment - a fabric buttonhole and as a gag a little
square piece of lace on the point - from a secondhand shop in France.

A hexagon filled with silk with some beads and next to it
a little pocket - it is open on top

I embellished it later with bulllion and French knots.
You can find all those stitches in SharonB's stitch dictionary.

These silvery beads are called "smooth purl" - they come as a long string
and you cut them as short or long as you wish. Normally used for gold work.
I ordered them at 
(absolutely no affiliation).

This time it is the chain stitch which is framing the hexagon. 
I use fil à broder no. 16

A buttonholed loop which of course is never intended to 
be pulled over the square pearl-of-mother button

The embroidery school will still be running for 8 weeks - so there is
more to come.


  1. I do like your strips, it would make a great wall hanging.

  2. seeing your photos on instagram I wondered what it was all about, mind you not been on instagram fro a few days, you really are creating something very special here Anneliese with so much variety both in fabrics and stitches and even paper

  3. What a fantastic sampler of stitches! You have found a great stitch project.

  4. So much eyecandy today, love the handbound buttonhole!

  5. Your embroidery pieces are stitched wonderfully. I specially like the paper strips one.