15 Feb 2017

The tower hexagons

In the shop they call the shqpe "POTC hexagons" - which means
Pachwork Of The Crosses -  but why?

I am counting - like Queenie - 38 pieces - how many I will make

I don't know yet. - I will make a table set. Nothing more.

And the class Embroidery School goes on. This is called cutwork -
the light blue part is cut out and replaced with the blue silk piece. 
Then embellished with all kinds of stitches:
laced buttonhole, French knots, bullion stitches, chain stitches - 
it will be a sample


  1. Hexagon quilts can grow endlessly, so they are perfect for when you have not decided on the size beforehand. You have however, as you know you want to make a cover for the table.
    The hexagon tower reminds me of a pile of small pancakes, the way my grandmother used to serve them when I was a child.
    The cutwork looks fantastic, Is the silk inserted with reversed appliqué?

  2. POTC refers to the pattern that Lucy Boston came up with. If you google her, you will see she was a British lady who not only wrote childrens story books but had a passion for patchwork and stitched into her 90s I believe. Her POTC quilt is divine and there is a POTC Facebook group should you be on FB, which may interest you to join and see all the versions being made of her quilt : )

  3. Love your pile. Good choice to work at the Chateau.