23 Jan 2017

The end

I never showed you the sorrowfully looking prince
with his horse peacefully grassing

and look how the salad is blooming behind the castle

The little story booklet grew rather thick - it is lying on a 
vintage handkerchief of one of the two daughters of
my great-grandmother

to remind how everything began... with the sorceress.


  1. I hope you will have this delightfully illustrated book on display on your coffee table.

  2. all so beautifully done and i love that vintage lace cloth.

  3. he certainlyy looks as though he is feeling sorry fo himself, you will be getting all your visitors looking at this and asking hundreds of questions very much an interesting project to share with all

  4. I really like this, what a wonderful idea :-)

  5. I just LOVE the idea of this project, Anneliese and you have done it soo beautifully as always! Just wonderful!

  6. Embroidery and creativity at it's best. A very interesting and inspiring project Anneliese.


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