23 Jan 2017

Nearly the happy end of the story

They are dreaming of their future home - 
By the way it is the castle where my great-grandmother grew up - 
I am so hapy to be able to include it in my Stitching-a-Story-Book
I drew just the outlines.

I stitched the front of this old building
standing here in a birchwood with fantasy flowers
on grasland - made of silkpaper

Detail of the round frame of silk

Well, the horse legs are placed a bit awkward - could have been better
I saw it too late.

In the castle garden rapunzel salad started to grow

The happy dreaming couple with their two children


  1. Such lovely combination of paper and fabric, of drawing and sewing, of fantasy and reality .
    Happy endings all around.

  2. spectacular Anneliese you have certainly created a wonderfl piee here and I can see nothing wrong with the horse`s legs. So you have royal blood in you going back to your great grandmother

  3. absolutely love your drawn castle.

  4. Adorable 'adapted illustrations' - I love what you've been doing to the story