5 Jan 2017

Crocheting while waiting

I made one flower while waiting for my date with the orthopedist's
The second from the right is made of gold-metallic thread - a really
old one found in my mother's stashes of fantastic materials - she was
still crocheting in her 90ties

To demonstrate the size of the flower in two threads of perlé

The flowers are from the book below 
It is a wonderful book and even better is that I know the author - she is a very talented
and wonderful woman - living in a neighbouring little town called Weingarten and helping 
there in my favorite woolshop 

While I was waiting for DH to fetch me with the car 
I was looking around and shooting with my iPhone
It is Karlsruhe - our shopping and coffee-drinking town


  1. the book looks wonderful. love your little crocheted flowers. i have several i started in different colors but never finished the projects.

  2. Both flowers and architecture are beautiful. The flowers are really small.

  3. very fancy flowers loving how they are double ones. Hope the dentist went okay not a place I like to go. What beautiful buildings you have shared with us today, trust you did not have to wait for DH

  4. Happy New Year. I have just started learning to Crochet. I would love to be able to Crochet such delicate flowers. Marion x

  5. Lovely flowers!! Where are you going to use them,Anneliese? One of my Indian friends recently moved to Karlsruhe. She has invited us to visit her and we'll see your town sometime in the next few months.
    Happy new year to you!!