28 Nov 2016

Free embroidery and Stitching a Story - no. 6

Preparing for free embroidery on hand-dyed cotton 

I am following now and then - whenever I think of it
the Sunday stitch school of Queenie -
(She showed how to make backstitches by imprinting the holes
first by a not-threaded sewing machine - really good for beginners)
I am making them as usually free hand not caring too much about
I stitched a circle and filling it in with chain stitches and variegated thread
- it will be a flower - 

My fantasy petals are made by the Anundsjö stitch (see my last post): http://queeniepatch.blogspot.fr/2016/11/sunday-stitch-school-lesson-1-anundsjo.html

Searching in my scrap boxes I found a cup shape - an ideal vase 
for the flower - I also made two puffs (bumpy bits - expression by
Karen Ruane) and stems.
About Rapunzel - I can tell you that every girl needs more than
one dress.
So the meanwhile 16 years old Rapunzel was gifted with a beautiful
silk skirt - embroidered and embellished with lace

It is lined with withe silk as well.
Now the prince can be welcomed - and he indeed spares no effort to visit
the beautiful girl.

What looks like his bag is part of the dress which was slipped through
from the other side of the page. 
(There must be a door at the bottom how otherwise did Rapunzel
get high up into her prison? Later in the story the sorceress and the girl
leave the tower - and I am sure they use the spiral staircase - )

This could be the tower - it is in Villersexel - Haute-Saône, France - 

the chateau is transformed Into a hotel and the private rooms
can be visited with a guide - two afternoons a week.


  1. good to see you are doing Queenie`s challenge maybe I will join in.
    Love the dress the book is coming along so beautifully.
    Shame stitchin fingers is closing but must admit rarely go on it now