17 Nov 2016

No. 5 of Rapunzel

On this page the young prince managed to draw himself up with
the braid of Rapunzel - (This haïr growth - a wonder - I would like
to know her secret) - I designed the roof with old tiles -

I used the line of stitches from the music on the other side to create
a branch with leaves.

A tuffet for the prince - a bit awkward I think. I might have to move it and
put it into the cubbyhole of the tower and order a more princy one. But there
are new books - patchwork books - 
Its the cover of the book with the long braid - Rapunzel looking
out of the little window in the tower.
I am working in the book on any page - when an idea pops up -
forwards and backwards.
And yes - I did it - I threw it out of the room - the tuffet (Thanks to
Deanna7trees I know this word now) - and made a nice really
royal one with low legs.


  1. good Anneleiese I can see it now this is going to be one very special book your are really transforming it beautifully loving the tuffet

  2. Oh, I wish I were the Prince as I would love to have such a beautiful tuffet. As for the long hair, too hard to wash and comb, you'd better stick to short hair, Anneliese!

  3. i love what you are doing in this book. gorgeous tuffet.

  4. Lovely book.I like the new look of the tuffet.Long hair suits Rapunzel and I'm wondering how tall that tower is :-).I used to have very long,thick hair and it was such a nightmare to wash,comb,plait during school days.

  5. I love textured illustrations and collect books that feature illustrations that were originally fabric.
    So I'm hooked by your adaptations to Rapunzel, just love them all

  6. This is going to be a family treasure one day :-)