9 Sep 2016

Stitching a Story

Dear Readers,
I changed my template because of difficulties with the size of my photos.
We have an issue with our Macbook Air - I use it normally to resize my
photos - but now I can't. So this was the solution. We even don't know if
it can be repaired - we have to wait - till our expert son solves the problem.

I enrolled in a workshop with Karen Ruan -  Stitching a Story - "work on your own*
I can at any time ask her questions and the answers are coming so fast - so the enthusiasm
is not interrupted. Here you can see more:

Now on the hunt of nice, really nice story books - 
I found two charming small books with very beautiful illustrations.
I decided to start with RAPUNZEL
It is a story first published by the Brothers Grimm and here related and illustrated
by the young Austrian author Eleni Livanios
RAPUNZEL@ellermann by Dressler Verlag GmbH, Hamburg
ISBN 978-3-7707-7588-0

If you don't know what is Rapunzel - it is this salad - Valerianella is its official Latin name

I use the first of those names - Ackersalat
See how many names exist only in Germanys different countries and
in German speaking countries:
Other names are Feldsalat, Nüssli, Weitere Bezeichnungen hierfür sind:
Ackersalat (in Schwaben), 
Mäuseöhrchensalat oder Mausohrsalat (EifelHunsrückSaarlandLuxemburg), 
Nüsschen (Waldecker LandNordhessen), Nüsslisalat oder Nüssler (Schweiz), 
Rawunze (Mittelhessen) und Rawinzchen (Schlotheim, Thüringen), 
Schafsmäuler bzw. Schoofsmeiala(Franken), Hasenöhrchen (Unterfranken), 
DöchderleSonnenwirbel bzw. Sunnewirbeli, Sonnewirbele (Baden), 
Ritscherli(Ortenau), Vogelsalat (Südtirol), Vogerlsalat (Österreich), 
Wingertsalat (Pfalz), Schmalzkraut (Hessisches Ried). (Wikipedia)

so first thing I did was a half-cover to protect the outside
and  overpainted the red label which was printed on the booklet.
My version of a plant of Valerianella - Ackersalat - salad from the acre.

The curtain was certainly a bit plain - that's why I added the
wonderfully tatted  lace-band - I assume my grandmother did it.
Such things were safely stored in my mother's stashes and now
in mine - hopefully those treasures will be passed on and on....
I thought there must be more curtain

Yes, that's it. Mysterious moving of the new curtain.

Here I am preparing lace with sorceress' hats, a sign that she is everywhere.
She is watching the young future father who he steals the salad from her garden. - 
I am not sure yet how to insert this element between the pages.
We will see.
Just stay tuned......


  1. you have made a fabulous start. i didn't know about the meaning of Rapunzel. so happy you signed up for Karen's class.

  2. this is a great project you are starting it ill be a joy to follow your progress

  3. Your new template looks a bit 'pale'. Your story illustrations, though are great. I love the curtains. I had no idea that rapunzel was anything than a girl's name.

  4. I had no idea about the meaning and so many different names of Rapunzel. This is going to be a wonderful project..love the extended fabric curtain with the lace.