19 Sep 2016

In France .....

........ with ...... you guess
with Sharon and Jerry. Yes, Sharon of Pintangle and her husband.
Oh, we had a fun evening together with wine and lovely and interesting
chats - and a relatively early breakfast next morning with croissants and coffee.
Then we saw them off again at the station of Lure in Haute-Saône, France, and the train
came on time which surprised us. They started now their pilgrim's path (Jakobsweg)
in Spain.
You can see DH as a photo-taking shadow.
The fence in the background is ours and the house - an old farmhouse - too.
It is the playground of DH.

(Our computer and internet is working again. I could re-establish my blog again into the
shape of before - life without internet is half the fun!)

And what we did before:

Transport of the workbench from the Vosges into the playground of DH.

Grandson teaching grandma the how-to on the iPhone. We had two lovely days together 
before he started his travel through Germany and other European countries.

And off he goes.


  1. how wonderful to have spent time with Sharon and her DH. Shame stitchin fingers may disappear though I have not been on it for over a year.Good that your grandson can help with the iphone they seem very complicated to me not that I have one myself just a basic phone that makes calls and texts id all I can manage

  2. Nice to see you having a fun time with Sharon and her DH. One day, if I ever get a cell phone, I'll probably need help to find out how it works. Nice to have time with your grandson.

  3. How wonderful that you could meet up with Sharon! She must have loved your work. Yes, Stitching Fingers meant a lot to a lot of people, but it must be hard to keep a bulletin board like that running.

  4. Wow how great to be able to catch up with Sharon. Sounds like you had a lovely time. That house must be nearly finished there in France????

  5. I'm sure you had a great time with Sharon and Jerry. We met them in Amsterdam last month for a nice chat.