29 Aug 2016

Modern family

The funniest family photo since the invention of iPhones:

My goodness, we had fun! But sorry, DDL is missing - she had obligations at school 
that day as a teacher.
This afternoon - Monday - friends wil come to admire the new kitchen.
This cake will await them......

Now, you are maybe thinking it is burnt, too black, on top. Ok, maybe a little, it
is crocant, it is still good and with a little bit of sugar powder it won't be seen
anymore - I was writing to Diane in USA (🙋🏻) when the bell rang .... and so on.....


  1. ALL your cakes are delicious!
    Yes, it is a new age of technology.

  2. ha....a picture of the current times. love it. and the cake looks good to me. enjoy.

  3. Oh, I think my comment disappeared... love that photo of your modern family. They will enjoy having that one in decades to come.
    That cake looks absolutely delicious - I bet it's long gone and was well enjoyed. I do love getting email from you!