24 Sep 2016

Fillling the basket and encounter with sorceress

The future young father is climbing over the wall - to satisfy the hunger
of his pregnant woman - the basket is still empty
I stitched the basket on a background and cut it out

Sorceress came to her garden - flowers and salad everywhere
I added a train of lace fixed with French knots on her sleeve

Next thing was to add a little book - really little - three pages
with pattern from the story -

The pattern booklet 

The adventure will go on - the young man was allowed to fill his basket
as full as he could - but the price was high......


  1. love how you are telling us the story along the way. wonderful.

  2. I love how you are stitching this story, would never in a million years have thought about doing this and so looking forward to the next chapter

  3. Queenie wrote: Every addition to the book is fantastic. You are so creative.

  4. such a cute basket. tiny pattern booklet is a lovely idea and it's fun to follow your progress ...