28 Aug 2016

New kitchen in old house and scraps into coiled fabric things

As you might probably know - we are renovating an old farmhouse
in France.
After the sleeping rooms and a little provisional bathroom it was 
time to think about the kitchen. This lasted about 8 months - the 
planning, the negociation with kirchen manufacturers and the praparation
of the space - which was mostly managed by DH, but also by our masons. 
Hurray -- finally I can cook like a modern houswife.
This is my preparing and cooking space. The dishwasher is on the right
of the hob.

The window is lookig to the street --
 next to it the coffee pad-machine and water cooker

The microwave and fridge - and an apple cake in preparation
and in the background DH painting a door.

Our sight when we sit at the table

Ikea chairs have been painted in red and I sewed a red table mat for the middle

Scraps in red 

I am using a polyurethan rope 4 mm, which I order online -
For sewing I am using a jeans needle - and I am having no problems at all - no 

Oh yes, not to forget the legs of the table - they were oak coloured and are looking nicer
in white.

Aha, and then I had a few meters left - of the first 100 meters -
and scraps anyway. and made this little bowl -

I have a friend in mind to whom I will give it.

I disguised the ending with some beads.


  1. Love the kitchen, especially the cabinets with the glass fronts for pretty things! Lace curtains at the window - traditional touch in your modern kitchen! You bake in the microwave oven? or maybe it's a convection oven, too?

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  2. loved seeing your beautiful kitchen. love the lace covering the window. great job on the basket and table mat and clever to put those beads over the ending.

  3. Nice to have a proper kitchen to work in. The oven, is it on the dresser next to the table? I am sure you will cook a lot of delicious things in this new room.
    I love your mat and the bowl.

  4. Love the bright red chairs against the new white kitchen! Your table mat looks very much at home, and is perfect with the chairs. Very cheery. Love the blue bowl and I like your idea to use beads to disguise the ends. Clever.