5 Apr 2016


Some news from the stitchcloth
Here three buttonhole wheels and a few colonial knots
On the right Van Dyke and long tail chain stitches

Knotted Cretan stitch

Foto above: I made the binding by hand - because the whole thing never saw any machine.

And you see why I have the time to stitch - DH is occupied.


  1. Your stitchcloth will be a pretty stitch resource. How large is it?

  2. LOVE this cloth... so perfectly you! Full of surprising combinations and stitching.
    That corner looks nearly done. Yay for the handy man around the house. He is a wonder.

  3. this is a great way to have a stitch sample still not started the tast yet but have saved the stitches! Wonder what DH is up to!

  4. Good, and beautiful work. A nice way to showcase the stitches.

  5. I think the button hole wheels are my favourite.