31 Mar 2016

Visit to Speyer - one of the oldest cities in Germany

Cathedral Speyer

There is not much to post these days - with the family around me. Just this:
On Easter Monday we  - grandparents and grandson - made a visit to Speyer
(in Englisch also Spikes)

to see the very famous cathedral from inside.

Founded in 1027 by the  Romans it is one of Germany's oldest cities.
Several times destroyed, enlarged, rebuilt,
redecorated and again renovated now -

It is the burial site of emperors and kings of the nobel
houses of Salians, Staufer and Habsburg - and as such 
a symbol of power.

The height is so very impressive.


  1. always enjoy your beautiful images. enjoy your time with your grandson.

  2. lots of interesting buildings in this town and how nice to visit with your grandson