6 Apr 2016

Diary of stitches

My way to remember stitches - it is already page 30....

It is the linked chain stitch and the beaded linked chain

The stitch on the stitchcloth


  1. Great plan! I make plans and never follow through... You are doing well to be on page 30! You go, girl. :)

  2. Good idea, Anneliese! That notebook is sure to come in handy.

  3. Great idea! If you remember I made a TAST reference chart, but only had the finished stitches there. I should have made a notebook with the illustrated steps for each stitch, too!
    I believe there are well over 100 TAST stitches so you will have to fill alot of pages! Keep up the good work.

  4. what a good idea to have a book too showing how to do the stitches this will be a good reference at a later time

  5. Great idea I wish I had done diagrams like that of the stitches