26 Apr 2016

Two kinds of blossoms on one tree -

On top wild cherry blossoms and below the Japanese cherry flowers on one tree.
It's looking very charming.
And the cherry blossoms in our garden no. 1 - one week ago
promising a rich crop - if not cold and rain spoiled it all.


  1. How is it possible to have two types of cherry blossoms on the same tree?

  2. love to see the blossom out shame the rain came here the wind is guaranteed to be wild when the trees are looking glorious, have the plum tress in flower but not the apple, pear or cherry yet

  3. Pretty blossoms--a shame the wind and cold spoiled them. My magnolia was all ready to bloom, and then the temperatures dropped, and we had 2 days of snow.....I hope they survive.