23 Mar 2016

Manor house in England - free interpretation

When I was eighteen .....
I stayed one year in this house - together with five German girls.

These days I got the newsletter "Quilting Daily"  - with an adaption from the Quilting Arts Magazine October/November 2008 - houses by Sylvia Naylor, handquilting techniques
and it was the perfect inspiration for this little quiltie. 

Now don't you look to close - but squint your eyes - so the house impression gets better - 
and after all - it is my interpretation - I had an internet photo at hand.
The one above is my own photo and was taken in 1957 - 
The house has been renovated and is looking wonderful now.

This is a part of the manor house. Originally it is much larger.


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! It has a very painterly, almost watercolour look - I think it's really clever.

  2. LOVELY job, Anneliese! I am VERY impressed! How big is the little quiltie?

  3. yes, as Catherine said. it is wonderful and gives a better impression from afar as lots of famous paintings do as well. you should do more work like it. you were so good at giving the house impression.

  4. what a good job you have done here, such a magnificent house you stayed in wonder where it is in the UK certainly not where I live!

  5. What a wonderful interpretation you quilted. Looks lovely!

  6. Your little quilt is a wonderful interpretation of that beautiful house. I am very impressed too. It must have been a lovely home to live in with lots of character.