21 Mar 2016

Basket for the market - Marktkorb

No, of course not. I won't take it to the farmers market. I will take it to our lovely Fridy sessions
once a month. Filled with sewing things for one whole day with much laughter and chats and
good food stuff - .
My first attempt to pull the wadding through the tunnels failed. Only bits of it came to see the
daylight. The rest stuck inside..
But I learned that I should take another batting - the one that is used for potholders, which
I twisted and rolled, so it was a child's play.

But in the end I learned also that my handles are stuffed a little too firmly.
It is as it is... Namely finished
The finished basket in artificial light. A felt or fabric flower is still in the plan.

And in the sun. I am a little in love with it.


  1. you made me laugh....and you should be in love with it. it is absolutely delightful.

  2. Glad you sorted out the stuffing, it has worked beautifully Anneliese and I know will be admired and wanted by your stitchy friends me top of the list!!

  3. I'm not surprised - it is lovely and fun.

  4. You should be a LOT in love with it! It's another beautie!

  5. gorgeous unusual bag and a great way to use up a bit of stash. Love the colours.