18 Mar 2016

Not much those days

I started to create another big market basket - a lot of preparing, then sewing and stuffing
at the same time. Then closing the "upholstered pieced fabric thing" to a tube -

A while it looked like this - Then I had problems with the handles - 
there was no fabric left and the stuffing could not be drawn into the tunnels. So what......

..... I made the Easter decoration instead - 
And travelled back to my stashes - I hope there will be time to go on with the basket now.


  1. I am sure the basket will go together well now, your Easter decorations look so nice on your trees

  2. You have a great basket for the Easter eggs there!

  3. Such fun fabrics you've chosen for your basket. Love your egg tree!

  4. So what? Nobody is chasing you! :-)

  5. that basket is so appealing with all those different patterns. i love it.

  6. You must have a lot of patience to make your bag. it is going to look beautiful when it is finished and you definately won't see another one the same. It is so unique