26 Nov 2015

The other thing - EPP

There were times when I didn't know what EPP means:

English paper piecing. But I did it already 20 years ago.

And now again - you saw the beginnings - and this one

really looks like I made it 20 years ago - when little flowers

on fabrics were in.

Well these fabrics are as old as that. Nearly all of them.

At first I didn't like what I created. But now that it is finished

it looks quite nice....

... after quilting. Through the middle of the elongated hexagons.

And look at those corners. I think it is a good solution.

Funny, aren't they?



  1. I say more than quite nice Anneliese it is lovely, I do enjoy EPP but must admit so far it is with hexagons

  2. love working with old fabrics. it is lovely. we sometimes have to finish a project before we see its true beauty.

  3. It is looking great with all the floral prints and those smart corners! Well done!

  4. love it ! old fabric has it's own charm.

  5. I recognize a couple of those fabrics, Anneliese. EPP was one of the first hand quilting things I ever attempted. Yours has come up beautifully with all it's little florals. It is a nice pattern.

  6. Well done Anneliese, you have a pretty vintage quilt :-)

  7. It is wonderful Anneliese, I love the old world fabrics. Congratulations on a great finish.

  8. quite nice??? lol...it's gorgeous! It was so good to hear from you. How are you?

  9. You have done a wonderful job, Anneliese- as always! Your work is so careful and precise- just wonderful! Thanks so VERY much for your comments on my Flickr. You are WAAYY too kind 😘