12 Dec 2015

The ornament trees

It is a TAST stitch of SharonB which inspired me for those

fir trees - crossed buttonhole stitch, the small "trees"

are made with wheatear stitch.


Then I had the idea to make a christmas ornament. It is small.

Less than 4 cm

What about making more? I could use them as pendants for

little presents.

Yes, good for Christmas. The gingerbread house is a photo

from a journal.

Then I increased my output. And please look at the cross-stitch

snowflakes on the reverse side -

DH put them on our wreath of Advent

Next step - filling the sachets with Christmas cookies -

DH was baking - instead of renovating the house, ha!

I gave them all away .....

Enjoy Sunday - it is the 3. Advent - three candles are burning.




  1. Beautiful idea - and delicious!

  2. your trees look great Anneliese such a good way to use the stitch. Loving the decorations very creative. Have you used the very large button kits I wonder to make them. Good to read DH has been baking for you too

  3. Baking - instead of renovating the house ... makes me smile. You both work together, delicious cookies and your stiched ornaments, a beautiful selfmade present.
    Take care, Birgit

  4. looks like you're all ready for the holidays with beautiful home made goodies.

  5. What a great way to celebrate Advent! Lovely gifts of tasty biscuits and TASTy embroidery!

  6. I´m one of the lucky ones who got one of these little treasures. So beautiful. It will have its place at the christmastree.

  7. I love your little Trees. They are sooo sweet. At a quick glance I thought you had a row of bunnies in front of the trees ! HAPPY NEW YEAR. Marion x