25 Nov 2015

The finish

This looks like the backside, but it isn't.

I pulled 5 threads all around

and will soon start with the seam

I had to count again 5 threads up and also down. DH was so nice

to buy me a lamp with a magnifying glass which can be fixed at the table.

How big are my fingers suddenly and the threads are like cords.

The needle, like a knitting instrument - for thicker yarn, ha!

And how easy it is now to count!



  1. this is coming along beautifully, the new magnifier will be a great help too

  2. Wonderful work. I don't think even with magnification I could do it.

  3. It might be a chock to see one's fingers in the magnifying glass, but boy isn't it great to be able to see the threads easily?!

  4. love that you have attempted this....just saw your last post and this one. you did a beautiful job. too much of a strain on my eye even with a magnifying glass.

  5. Great work Anneliese. I too admire how you can do this type of work, even with a magnifier. I have one too which attaches to my light, but it makes my head go all dizzy and funny LOL.

  6. You have done very well, it's really nice :-)
    How did you manage without a magnifying glass until now? I could not do an embroidery like this without a one any more. I also have a good lamp, as I do most of my stitching in the evening.