17 Nov 2015

Cilaos embroidery - antique stitiching

In French: "Les jours de Cilaos"

The photo is from http://blogdefloralie.eklablog.com

Women on the French department La Réunion make this wonderful

embroideries and I am dabbling in it, too. I simply have to try it:

Counting the threads - I nearly can't see them. It is a 25-count

even weave. Every 5 threads needle down and up again. This helps

to pull and cut the threads lateron.

Reading in one of my "Inspirations" magazine (issue 79, 2013)

I found that it is is called Punto Antico or antique stitches,

which dates back to the 1400s --- They use a 38 count fabric.

How can they possibly still see this, maybe under a microscope?


The square is prepared The threads are waiting for

wrapping and knotting.


I spanned the threads across and made the buttonhole stitches

around the square.


I found the tutorial on this page here - It is a very slow procedure -
I am sitting already several days at it. No matter.
My thread is too thin - it is perle 8.
I regard it as an exercise! The flowers are called strawberry flowers
the round thing on top will be the crown.
Apart from this delicate embroidery I am again occupied with
SharonB's TAST stitches. You will find everything here -
Meanwhile Sharon published 19 stitches. There will be many more.
I jumped in with the crossed buttonhole stitch (no.17)
making these little fir trees on a linen/cotton fabric.
The two small trees on the left are made with the
wheatear stitch (no. 16)

Below is my previous stitch cloth - I added the

half chevron stitch (no. 18) on the right side forming an edge -

with beads.


Below the whipped chain stitch (no number) ...

... on a nine-patch - inspired by Jude Hill, slow sewing all by hand.

So long!



  1. Merci pour le lien sur les jours de Cilaos !
    Et bravo pour vous lancer dans la réalisation du tutoriel !
    Bonsoir de la France très émue en ce moment ....

  2. I love your Punto Antico, well done!

  3. I love your latest experiment - your adventurousness inspires me:-)

  4. You need to be very patient with the cilaos embroidery.
    I love your TASTy trees!

  5. what a great job you are doing with your drawn and cut thread sampler. My eyes will not let me do smaller tan 28 count and that is a struggle. Tast stitches looking good, have not done any yet but maybe I will catch up soon, thinking I would like to make something with them rather than just doing samples

  6. Lovely experiment! Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial. (And I love your trees!)

  7. Your Punto lace work is lovely you have so much patience. Now I like quick things.
    I always enjoy your stitching which is always so creative.
    Also love the header on your blog.

  8. You drawn thread sampler looks good.. love the crossed buttonhole trees..

  9. Lovely stitching as always. Drawn thread is something I want to do yet for my CQJP blocks (if I ever get back to them. Thanks for sharing yours!

  10. Your cilaos embroidery is going to be absolutely lovely! I too am doing the TAST stitches though I am a bit behind. All your stitches are very nicely done and I especially like your trees as well.

  11. Lovely work! I've wanted to try the pulled thread embroidery, but don't believe I have the patience or the eyesight!