8 Sep 2015

Still Hvar

The fortress and its walls of the town Hvar, Island Hvar (Croatia)
4000 inhabitants in non-touristic seasons

It is the land side of the town Hvar - 4000 inhabitants -

in non-touristic seasons - 70 km long and 3 - 4 km large.

Many people work on the continent and older school

children as well have to take the catamaran or ferryboat to Split.

The port for the ferryboat

The port in Stari Grad, Hvar (Croatia) where the ferryboats leave

Tourists travelling

They are waiting for the catamaran in town - high season -

the queue is longer than 100 m


Before our guests came

It is under the eucalyptus tree

Friendship bracelet

I puzzled a lot with this meandering pattern

for which I used crochet cotton.




  1. thanks for the wonderful tour. gorgeous bracelet and love the fabric it's sitting on....a perfect match.

  2. so good to see Croatia thanks for sharing the photos with us. Bracelet looks good too

  3. I love these images of the island Hvar, thanks for sharing!
    I never knew eucalyptus to grow on Hvar, but I knew nothing about natural dyeing at the time when I used to spend my summer holidays there.

  4. Eucalyptus is perfect for eco-print. Take a lot of it with you.

    1. Oh Doris what a pity, too late - we left already. But anyway it would break my heart to pick those leaves. Have to go to Australia, ha!