17 Aug 2015

Wrapping with floss

It is a "necklace" - a ring around the neck.

At our last wonderful Friday meeting

Edith came up with this idea from the internet.

Floss is wrapped around a thicker cord.

The endings are a bit fuzzy to make

I am closing it with a button which

DH calls a lamp.

We finally got some fantastic rain - many hours
and pouring down like cats and dogs.

It is our terrace - under water.


Mountains opposite can hardly be seen.

Today one day later it is sunny again.







  1. love the necklace. i've made fringe that way. i pray for rain every day. we need it desperately.

  2. very pretty I do not think is is easy to wrap thread so evenly like you have done.

  3. Wow! Rain!! I remember rain! We USEDbto have it once upon a time😐 Great necklace, Anneliese! You are a VERY careful woman!

  4. Love the necklace anneliese.
    We could do with a bit of that rain here.